scout film company


Scout Film Company is all about happy dogs, happy people and great movies! Our students are also our dogs and our best friends. Everything from Film Stars classes to obedience lessons are about spending quality, fun time with our pets.

Scout Film Company

Scout Film Company was founded in 2011 by Susan Owen with the intention of creating high quality digital media primarily using dogs in starring roles. In order to have a large variety of well trained dogs to be used in film work and photo shoots, we hold clicker-training classes which focus on basic obedience and behaviors needed for this type of work. We also produce our own content, much of which can be found on this site and on our YouTube channel and Facebook pages.

Susan Owen

Susan Owen has been working with dogs professionally for over ten years. Her introduction to dog training and film work began at the Canine Film Academy in the UK under the direction of owner Katie Rourke. Susan has experience training dogs in private and class settings for basic obedience, puppy, film work, photography, flyball and in directing, editing and producing films. She moved back to Oklahoma City in 2007 and has taught training classes at Positively Canine, Twister Agility and Dog Sports, Canine Sports Academy and the Animal Resource Center. Susan currently competes with her Border Collie and Welsh Sheepdogs with the Full Speed Ahead flyball team and participates in Agility classes with OKPaws.

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